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waves from the galactic center
Since beginning this work I've experienced many forms of energetic wave, from timewaves to consciousness-return waves to CME waves. . and so forth. This morning I felt the first Creational Wave of the alignment with Galactic Center and the Central Universe. Just wiped me out. I will write more about it when I get time but right now sharing it with a few people such as Helen in Australia I get people feeling the same way .

From Helen: Thank you
Will do
I have been light headed and dizzy, even leaning to the left when I get up off a chair.

After sharing my own message from Guidance about not being available after September 20 in order to get my 'safe place' in order, that very same day Stan and Holly Deo's shared a similar message, the Ramtha school suggested things may be different after September and they may not be in contact, and then this morning Ken Carey came out of hibernation in order to say he believes this is the time as well. Helen has already shared Nostradamus' thoughts about the coming months and he agrees something major is about to happen, not the end thingy but something major enough to shift tectonic plates with the resulting upheavals all over the planet (and Creation). Everyone's beginning to sense something about the remaining months of this year. Just circle Oct. 21 to be in your safe place no matter what. What have you got to lose? Other's won't get 45 mins warning to 'bug out' so most of them will not survive, and most of them aren't supposed to survive.

Last night Guidance was trying to tell me about the importance of our DNA in all this but I was a little too tired to figure it all out. of course it's one of the biggest topics written about in the 850 articles on my website for DNA is the Light and Sound processor for dimensional attunement so nothing is more important now than having someone check on the sovereignty of your DNA. Everything the New World Order has been experimenting with and spraying us with (chemtrails) and putting in our food supply is all meant to damage the DNA from regaining its 12-strand multi-dimensional capability. All of this before the radiation levels on the planet grew exponentially from events such as Fukushima. Even the Highest Beings on the planet have been subject to at least a part of this damaging influence and need to regain their earned level of awareness and make sure their tuned up for the next set of events to raise the entire consciousness of the planet and take a long those capable of maintaining such a level.

Guidance will have me write more as it is become pertinent.