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We, the Lemurians
We, the Lemurians
by Peter Farley

From the newly rewritten Volume 1 of Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? available in the Files section of the group later on tonight:

Often what is found with Lemurians is great internal struggle. They have great struggle between what they're really here to achieve and what they actually do with their life. There is great struggle, because there is so much of the fear that Kryon first spoke about.

Also remember that many souls lived on both of these worlds?both Atlantis and Lemuria at one time or another. Those souls that mostly experienced Lemuria find themselves more in a state of questioning. They want to know. Or they say 'show me the way'. They most likely will ask for guidance, not trusting themselves in their spiritual guidance. That is simply because they don't know how they lost their connection to their spiritual consciousness to begin with. They do not quite know what happened. So they don't really know how to find their way back.

Atlanteans may not know either but they don't know they don't know. So they just go about their business and they'll find their way because they don't know they can't do it. Of course all souls can open to their spiritual consciousness. Lemurians on the other hand question 'what happened?', and 'did I cause it?', and 'did I do something I can't remember that caused great pain?' They often have a heavy heart about the choices they've made in life. Many times they are their own worst enemy in finding that for which they seek. If you lived during the time of Lemuria you are a very old soul. You know the true essence of life. Allow your soul to connect with your spirit, you will remember the way. Always remember you are a point of consciousness expressing your own unique beauty. It is an ever-evolving beauty, different from yesterday, different from Lemuria, but always beautiful.

Lemuria, like Atlantis, broke up in stages, some of it happening gradually, other stages happened cataclysmically in the space of a few short months. The archetypal memories of these kinds of events are brought into modern culture through such movies as Superman. It is the breakup of Superman?s home planet Krypton that leaves him as the only survivor on a strange and hostile world.

The final small remnants of the Lemurian continent sunk when the seas were raised during the time when that side of the planet took the full force of the Great Flood washing over it, as described earlier in this chapter, and which shall be dealt with in more detail later.

Brother Philip describes a time about 30,000 years ago when a major portion of what was left of the Lemurian continent, broke up and sank beneath the waves. This sinking was both the result of and a contributor to, the highly active and very unstable Ring of Fire, a zone of volcanic and seismic activity which circles the Pacific Rim for a distance of almost 24,000 miles. In the description of these events, he also mentions the founding of his order by the Lemurians under Aramu-Muru in a monastery in a valley of the high Andes Mountains:

?While the final portions of the former continent were breaking up in the Pacific Ocean, terrible catastrophe was taking place all over the Earth. The Andean Range of mountains was born at this time, and disfigured the west coast of South America. The ancient city of Tiahuanaco (Bolivia) was at the time a great seaport and a Lemurian Empire colonial city of magnificence and importance to the Motherland. During the ensuing cataclysms it was raised from sea level and a mild, tropical climate to high on a barren, wind-swept plain and a frigid arctic-like climate. Before this took place, there had been no Lake Titicaca, which is now the highest navigable lake in the world, over twelve thousand feet above sea level.

?So it was to a newly-formed lake that Lord Muru arrived from sunken Lemuria. Here, now known as Lago Titicaca, the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays came into being, organized and perpetuated by Aramu-Muru. This Monastery, which was to be the home of the Brotherhood throughout all ages on Earth, was placed in an immense valley that had been created during the days of the birth of the Andes, and was a strange child of Nature in that its exact disposition and altitude gave it a warm semi-tropical climate where fruits and nuts could grow to phenomenal size. Here, on top of ruins that had once been at sea level, like the City of Tiahuanaco, Lord Muru had the Monastery constructed of gigantic blocks of stone cut only by the energy of primary light force. This cyclopean structure is the same today as it was then, and continues to be a repository of Lemurian science, culture, and arcane knowledge.?