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what s your purpose?
CALIEFAH\'s channeling to Betsy this morning sums up in a nutshell the
problems most people have with \'getting spiritual\' -- lack of purpose.
Without a solid, true purpose when times get hard people fold in their
missions, in their intent, in their service. I\'ve seen it all too
often. Find a purpose or don\'t pretend you\'re being spiritual, there is
no more time for \'training\', only for doing. You\'ve got to find a reason for
\'getting spiritual\' or as SHE says, \'all is for naught\'.

Dear One,
What are you waiting for, let go and dance. Be free, stop clinging to
your old ways. It\'s only as hard as you make it. Together we can do
much but you have to stand on your own and tap that strength within.
Find that reason for being, the purpose needed to give you the drive to
see it through. Without it all this will be for naught.

CALIEFAH and the rest of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Nebadon