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What Colored Planet Are You From? (Racial Issues)
What Colored Planet Are You From?

Mentioning race brings knee-jerk reactions from a lot of people out
there, people who do not stop and think about the bigger picture of
things, of my past writings, of the Star Wars Bar nature of this
planet and its history that the Spiritual Hierarchy are trying
desperately to get people to realize. If you bring up race with me
and have not read at least the first two volumes of the book
(available free for download in the Files section of this group don't bother, you would only be
showing your own lack of willingness to research the grander issues discussed
here, and indeed are simply playing the game the New World Order wnat you to
play --US against Them.

The article excerpt from Vol 6 of the other day was meant to show how the
racial tensions are building to be used as a Machiavellian weapon against all of
us. During rioting in Seattle a few years ago the newsreporters specifically
mentioned the same group of young black men who were at the scene of every
outbreak of violence. Does anyone doubt these men were paid to be ther5e and do
this, making it seem like the protesters were all violent extremeists?

One of the simplest ways of relaying this message comes in the film
Boyz in the Hood where the African-American father takes his kids out
to look at the billboard showing the White bankers and says to them
something like," While you guys are out there killing each other,
these guys up here are only getting richer."

There are racial characteristics just as their are planetary
characteristics. Simple spiritual lessons Soul chooses by being in a
chosen situation.

It is very approproate today to discuss this issue since it is the
60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Death Camps. Being
here in Southern Florida where the Jewish population is so high, this
kind of subject is played up very big. But no one asks where were
these dsame Jewish people whow ant uis never to forget the Holocaust
when the blacks in Rwanda were getting butchered? Did they raise one
voice of protest? Did they raise one voice of protest when the ethnic
Serbs and Croats and Kurds and any other race were also suffering
ethnic cleansing in horrific ways.

If we are not first Soul, then we are not learning the lesson of the
failed experiment of planet Earth, and somewhere along the line, we
shall have to repeat it again, but not me folks. I am Soul and I work
with all colors , shapes and sizes of both human and alien species.
Interestingly during dinner with Dr. Carr-Allen the other night we
discussed the number of 'reptilian' Beings I have been led to work
with who are here specifically to show the world not all reptilians
are 'bad'. rememebr in the miniseries 'V' that there is a rebel group
onboard the Visitors ships who are against the larger agenda of the
reptilian elite. And so it is with all such kind.

When working with 'gargoyles', either ones who maintain their own
human form or those who have actually invaded another human body and
work to push out the other Being inside it, they are not 'bad' for
being who they are or for doing what they do --(As one said to me
just before I removed him from another human form-- IT"S JUST WHO

There is no judgement in any of this. Spiritual law says the
gargoyle was wrong to take over another 'human body'. But it's like I
tell a lot of people who go to graveyards and funerals where these
type of Beings like to hang out, If you play in the gargoyle
playground, you're going to pick up gargolyes.'

Kneejerk reactions to racial issues just display one's programming
and the lack of a greater understanding of what's going on here on
planet Earth. It is the same with religious prejudices or any other
type of prejudice one can name. Prejudice comes from the word to
prejudge', and we know what happens to those who judge others don't

The Spiritual Hierarchy have made that information available that
explains and describes the grandert picture of what is going on. It
is your responsibility to rea dit, digest it, ask questions about it
if need be, and then to absorb it into your life and practise the
grander wonder of treating everybody as Soul having a (very
difficult) human experience.