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what else can we do to help?
What Else Can We Do to Help?

One of the group posted some stuff about Richard Boylan and his
writings this morning with a question to the group to help decide
whether or not it was correct. Guidance returned it to him with a
challenege to come up with an answer rather than a question.

If this person had done the work of connecting with his own Guidance
he would have been able to share the correct answer about Boylan
rather than ask for input. This is a group about answers, not about
questions. In case you haven't noticed, most of the radio and TV
shows on these subjects, as well as most other groups, are about
asking more questions, not about finding answers. The History
channel, the Discovery channel, anyone of the normal media who tackle
these subjects make it sound like 'we can never know.' Of all the
many lies of the Matrix this is one of the most viscious. We can and
do know everything we want or need to know simply by asking our
Guidance, after we've made the effort to connect at that level.

I haven't read a book, attended a workshop, even listened to or read
my own stuff for the most part because whenever I have a question all
I do is ask Guidance for an answer. I learned right up front it
wasn't worth feeding my mind anymore for it did not have the
spiritual answers I needed. I tell people I don't store information
in my head because I only have a 2 Gig hardrive up there. Instead I
have simply run a cable connection to the Mainframe which is Spirit
and My Guidance for it has all the answers I need whenever I need

That is why the Spiritual Hierachy have, since the end of my former
mission, had me put all the stress on connecting you with your own
personal Guidance. It is the only thing, like a portable palm pilot,
that you can carry with you whether there is an electrical outlet,
internet hookup or whatever. It is the only thing that is ALWAYS with
you in every situation under every circummstance. The biggest problem
we have is that people are too scared to connect with their own
Guidance, a situation arising from our own past life 'screwups' and
the efforts the New World Order has, through the media, bred into us.

After someone published one of my articles in the
Netherlands, we had a lot of queries from that country. Between
Marco and I we tried to work with these people, but just as with
Americans, the people want to be handed answers rather than
strengthening their own abilities to get the answers for themselves
with our assistance.

These are the people who want you to give them a fish for dinner
rather than to be taught how to fish in order to feed themselves for
a lifetime.

What more can we do to help?

From: marcovandenoever

"Well, channelling, talking to guidance, it's not only that people
are scared, but also that they just don't believe they could do it. I
also talk about it to some friends I hear now and then, and despite
what I say that they also can do it and refer them to the lesson
page, they just don't do it. When I talk about it they are
enthusiastic etc., but take no further action. It's what I think,
well 'know', a matter of believing in yourself or not and something
bigger. They don't understand the bigger picture.

"What else can you do than point them to the info and tell them about
your own experiences… I don't know, it's out there to grasp but I
can't put it in their system if they don't take further action.
They're too numbed by the matrix is also a big part of it…. I'm
putting little bits of the info out there, quick understandable parts
of the book series on the web with a good visual picture and at the
end of that part refer them to 4truthseekers. This gets their
attention to read the text, then they may start to get interested and
want to know more about all that's happening.

"It's very difficult to get someone active in this, like you of
course know, and there are a few that really want to dig in. If you
don't really want, can, believe, then all this info says nothing.


Peter: That's why there are so few we're all really here to help.
Every one you or I help to connect with their own Guidance can then
help others. These people who do not have the courage to do it for
themselves are NOT our concern and no guilt for us, though you know
we both wish we could help them all."

Something like about 70-80 percent of this planet ARE JUST NOT going
on ascension along with the planet. They're just not ready and have,
by their actions and through free will choice, made the choice not to
go on with ascension, though I guess that doesn't stop us from trying
does it?

All we can do is put the effort out there and, like non-directed
prayer, allow Spirit to direct the energies without us being attached
to the results.

The thing we all must have to do this is answers, not just more
questions. The New World Order loves to flood the internet and any
open discussion of these subjects with contradictory material that
just makes people shut down because they don't know what to believe
nor how to process the dichotomies apparent in the reasoning. That's
where Guidance comes in, It has answers we can provide to people.
That doesn't necessarily help them accept those answers but at least
it doesn't further confuse the subject.

In service. Peter