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What have you got to lose?
What Have You got To Lose?


Dear One,

What have you got to lose if you walk away from all the things that keep you
bound to your present life and live your life through moment-to-moment guidance?
That is the only way you will be able to drop the old way of living and embrace
the new. That chance will be coming soon for everyone, and those who hang on to
the old way of doing things and the old desires will not be the ones that
ascend. Simle as that. Anything you´re attached to from the old will onlys erve
as an anchor around your necks on trying to go into the new. You must be able
to turn and walk away quickly (in some cases) simply to stay alive.

You must be able to let go of everything; every material thing, every emotional
attachment, every concept of who you think you are or how you think the world is
or should be. To ascend with the planet everything you think of as real must
change. Any desire for anything 3rd dimensional will keep you in the 3rd
dimension, so why not give up [let go] these desires now. You will not be able
to take it with you so lose your desire for it now. You cna ´have´ anything you
wnata s long as you´re not attached to it. What do you have to lose? Is this 3rd
dimensional life so wonderful that it is worth hanging onto . . for perhaps
thousands of more lifetimes? Believe Us when We say it is not.

If only you could glimpse into or remember your experiences of Our world you
would not want anything of this one your currently serving in. Not even the very
best this world could give you (as if darkside would ever let you have it and
keep it) can come close to the life you could have with Us. What do you have to
lose? Our answer to that question is everything that is not worth having in the
first place. We are here to talk with you more on this subject at anytime.

With Great LOVE,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light