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what is important for all at this time‏
From: Stanese Anca

OUR Dearest Beloved,

In these days of preparation for the major changes coming on Earth it is suitable for all of you to avoid crowded places, conflicts of any kind to keep peace in your heart, to stay centered and in continuous connection with US. Do only what is truly important to you. Do not spend your energy on minor issues or issues which actually donít matter for you. Let everything that comes to you to happen and donít resist. If you resist, the energy will block and itís releasing will take place in an unpleasant way.

Do not be influenced by the drama around you, you have to accept everything that happens and just listen without pros and cons. Support those next to you while remaining in your heart. So it will help most in their elections and problems. Donít assume their problems or impose a resolution. Let them decide themselves. Even if it's family you can not make choices for them.

If you have feelings of pity these are a way of feeding the darkness. Accept what happens as does any master aware that all goes to their highest good.Each of you have passed this way and you went on when your soul took this decision not when the decision was taken by another soul. Take care to be in contact with your divinity, with US. This is your only goal now.

Ascended Masters have realized that for every soul comes a time in which the Highest Self decides not to continue to experience duality and then he calls home for integrating and ascension all aspects. It is according to free will given by FATHER for things to evolve in this way. What is happening now on Earth is in order to respect this free will, when the planet and other existing souls on her chose to ascend and not to continue their 3D existences enslaved by darkness' reign.

Those who are not ready for this step will have other opportunities on other planets when their soul will take this decision and will go the way opened by you.

FATHER and Spiritual Hierarchy want all souls to attain the consciousness of their own divinity and to become conscious co-creators with HIM. There will be no effort spared by the Hierarchy of Light in order to achieve this goal. Every drop of wisdom collected by you who will succeed the first is an important part of treasure that will be used for this purpose.

WE Love you much and WE support you,
RAJ, HAROON; CALIEFAH, ENJLIOU and Spiritual Hierarchy