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what is religion?
What is Religion?
from Vol 3 Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?
by Peter Farley

We would like to begin here with an exploration of some of the
different viewpoints as to what religion is and what religion isn't,
and how can one transcend the realm of earthly religions, if
one has the desire to.

It is Kryon who says it most succinctly. His idea of religion
is "giving your power away to God--self-taught unworthiness."

What the Nine have to say, while interspersed throughout their
channelings, have been put together here to keep them all cohesive:

" . . the religions of the world have been perpetrated upon the
peoples of Planet Earth. . . you hold within each of you the total
power to change all, and when you accept that, you truly become a
divine being. When you also understand what you term "religions"
have in reality emanated from physical civilizations of the
Universe, you will begin to understand more about the Supreme One
that is Unknown.

". . . when there is a loosening up of confinement, that which
confines attempts desperately to confine even more. . . Science has
become the religion that manipulates and controls, and those who
lead science must now begin to accept their responsibility. The use
of religion . . . created beliefs and mythologies which then became
difficult to overcome, in their limiting an controlling effect on

"We are in our mind what we think we are at the time. . . Within
each of you there is all of the good and all of the evil of the
universe. In each of you . . . there is completeness. Completeness
is a perfect harmony and balance between what you call "good"
and "evil."

"What is necessary now is the establishing of a philosophical
construct of Eden . . . It is now in motion, but there are also
those who will seek to disturb this. Know who you are, trust
yourself, trust us, and know it will be done, and continuously view
your motive in order to keep yourself in alignment with your highest

Barbara Clow also deals with science in some of her thoughts on

"I can feel this process happening as thought and thought and
thought. This idea created itself into a series of processes and
beings who defined, limited and controlled matter. This universe of
processes and experiences was not made by the universal Cosmic
Creator: This world with a beginning and end was created by a lesser
urge, the demi-urge, which expressed itself as "the gods." On Earth,
we have experienced this creation as the Luciferian rebellion, the
Orion Agenda, the communion with the cycle of the gods who came down
which is now coming to a close. Before the creation of the third
dimension—a universe brought into existence so that we could
consciously learn how to be in a holy state, zero, the numinous—
before matter, time, and form—there was only the infinity of God and
the Void/feminine. Once consciousness or thought occurred, the Void
was threatened by the possibility that nothingness had no existence.
The Void felt the desire to define nothingness! Once this process of
separation began—a duality into self/other—a whole series of
experiences was initiated in order to manifest existence. At this
point—the Alpha—the Creator withdrew its name, for the opposite of
definition is naming—unifying. Listen to me very carefully now for
the scientists on Earth are trying to steal the creator's name by
calling the first laser for Star Wars, Alpha."

Laurence Gardner addresses the issue of control that he has found in
his research of the various religions for his masterpiece, Bloodline
of the Holy Grail:

". . . (I wasn't) treading new ground. . simply ground that existed
before it was carpeted and concealed by those whose motives were to
suppress the truth for the sake of retaining control."

In his book, The Cup of Destiny, Trevor Ravenscroft uncovers the
time when it was that Man was stripped of his individual spiritual
connection with God:

"The Eastern Church regarded man as an entelechy of spirit, soul and
body, but Pope Nicholas decreed in the west that man was henceforth
to be considered an entity of soul and body only, and that belief in
the existence of an individual spirit was heresy (the outlawing of
the feminine element in religion and in man). In this way, the
individual human spirit was relegated to the lowly estate of a mere
intellectual quality in the soul itself (the male). The reality is
that only the individual spirit in man can lead to the recognition
of, and participation in, the spirit in the universe. So it came
about that man in the western world lost the very gateway to true
self-knowledge and to a spiritual knowledge of the universe.

"Fate must have had a hand in this tragic error: the erroneous
declaration was made at a critical juncture in the evolution of
human consciousness-—a time when not only the spirit senses but also
the right frontal lobe of the brain which holistically reflects them
into consciousness were in a final state of atrophy. Thus it
happened that the peoples of Western Europe became trapped in the
profane, rational, sequential and earthbound thinking of the left
lobe just at the moment when genuine spiritual inspiration was most
urgently required. And because man was now confined to measure,
number and weight, and the rational thought that goes with these
concepts, the dogmas of the Church were the only recognized sources
of revelations."

In Eklal Kueshana's The Ultimate Frontier, a mysterious figure
trains one of the elite initiates by teaching him about karma—the
Universal Law of Balance spoken of in Luke 16:25—"For this reason he
will find himself defenceless on the day of judgement and deservedly
will hear the words, You received your good things during your

"Not acts but character determines one's status in heaven. The
criminal murderer kills because of his depravity, but so may a
gentle nurse kill by careless or indiscriminatory administration of
a medication to a patient. Karmically, both the criminal and the
nurse during a later incarnation must suffer deaths similar to the
ones they inflicted. One of them killed by intent; the other killed
through the lack of due attention. Karma will settle accounts on the
physical plane if they haven't in the meanwhile compensated for
their hurtful deeds by the rendering of appropriate excess service
to others.

"If you recall, karma means carry-over. That is because karmic
accounts are ignored on the astral plane. The astral plane is not
concerned with reward and punishment, but rather with the uplift of
Ego's character if he so desires. The ignorance which binds a man on
earth will also bind him in heaven. But as rapidly as a man uplifts
his attitudes in heaven, his level of spiritual attunement
correspondingly rises toward the higher vibrations of the upper
astral plane."

In his work following up that of Zecharia Sitchin on the Annunaki,
Michael Freer looks at the ramifications for the present and the
future of this human addiction to "the godspell" of religion:

"Although I have focused primarily on the current status of the new
paradigm with reference to current academic, scientific and
alternate explanations, my primary preoccupation remains with the
ramifications for our present and future. A short summary of the
resolutions and redefinitions for our present and possibilities for
our future as I deal with them in Breaking the Godspell and God
Games are as follows.

"If we are the product of that advanced Nefilim technology, we are a
mutant species with bicameral genetics, bicameral mind, a bicameral
collective unconscious. Jungian psychology will have to be totally

"Evolution on this planet, if we indeed will be able eventually to
use that term accurately at all, was linear until interrupted by our
decidedly non-Darwinian, pragmatic synthetic genesis. From that
point on we have experienced a precociously rapid metamorphic
process, a special case of evolution for lack of a better metaphor,
under the imperative of the prepotency of our advanced Nefilim
genetic component. It is in the integration of the bicameral mind
that what has been condemned as naive hallucination is restored as
our almost unthinkable history.

"Institutional "religion" is a sublimation of the ancient godspell,
the subservient master-slave relationship. The Babel factor is about
to be overcome and we can reach planetary unity through the concept
of our common origin and generic humanity.

"Transcendental experience, in its generic form removed from vague
association with some god, magical practice, occult doctrines or
subservient godspell ego-loss, may be redefined as participation at
the leading edge of our metamorphic self-exploration/expansion as
the bicameral human gradually comes to the recognition of its true
nature as Homo Erectus-Nefilimus, becoming truly sapient by that
fact and passing out of the adolescence of the race. Once free, it
becomes clear that fully conscious transcendental experience may be
understood as conscious dimensional expansion. I believe that we are
rapidly evolving off the Cartesian monkey-bars to habitual four-
dimensional consciousness."

William Bramley, who also studies the implications of the Annunaki
in his book, Gods of Eden, extrapolates on the ramifications of our
creation by these alien space-gods:

"The disdain expressed to priests by Biblical "angels" for the human
method of conception was apparently based upon mere practical
concerns to ensure good breeding, but it was nevertheless taken to
heart by early priests and became a major element of many
monotheistic religions. In Biblical days, human beings were also
heavily propagandized as very sinful to justify the barbaric
treatment humans suffered at the hands of their Custodial "god"
and "angels." By extending this concept of sinfulness to the human
method of procreation, every person conceived through human sexual
intercourse was to be considered born in sin and therefore
spiritually condemned. What a frightful dilemmas this created!"
To many authors, our creation by the space-gods, the Annunaki, has
created in us a state of victimhood which hampers our ability to
still reconnect with our spiritual roots. The Nine express this
situation in these words:

"The important thing is to master all of the physical with
involvement, not detachment from those that suffer . . . when you
are able to remove yourself from self, and place yourself in the
position of another, then begins the evolution of the planet. Then
this planet begins being the paradise that it was planned to be. . .
Humankind must not take itself so seriously. It must begin to
experience within itself the joy of divinity, the joy of its oneness
with the Universe. It must pull itself out of this bondage; it must
stop living in a situation of victims."