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what is the difference . . .
What is the difference between a prisoner who knows they are in prison and a prisoner who doesn\'t know they\'re in prison?

The answer? Nothing.

Hi Peter, I\'ve read The Acorn and Sapling and most of your files in the forum section. Plus I\'ve spent the last 8 months researching @ least About 8 hrs a day everything from Ananda akasha
site & What I had saved a while back from Dan Winter\'s Soul invitation site to all that I could read on Val Valerian trufax site. Ive also read Magnum Organum and the Handbook of a New Paradigm and Embracing The Rainbow which remain authorless. Ive also started various
meditation and breathing exercises to help remain sane. I can see the prison walls and evidence of a hidden evil quite clearly in the world in which I function.Why do so few other people not sense that they are not \'free\'? They believe anything they told by official sources. It\'s like a politican can rape there 13yr old daughter and then tell them she asked for it and they would\'nt blink.They would chastise their daughter for showing her body too much and ground her till she\'s 18. Unless they wanted to get rid of that politician off course, then they
would put it all over CNN like the Mayor of New York. What\'s it going to take to wake up the zombies!!

I get this kind of thing from a lot of people, people saying how ignorant other people are, how stupid they are for not realizing what\'s going on etc, and yet what it really all boils down to is that people who realize they live in the Matrix are no better off than people who don\'t know they live in the Matrix - except perhaps they go a little crazier because of the type of attitude expressed here - wondering why others don\'t do things when the writer themself does not do things and perhaps does not even know what to do to be free.

Guidance\'s answer to this particuler person was as follows: \"The problem is there are too many Lightworkers who are actually Lightbuttsiters because they sit around reading too much instead of being out there doing as their Guidance directs them to do. *Smile Have you sat down to do the channeling exercise it was suggested you do when you joined or is reading the extent of your Light -\'work\'?

Terse, perhaps, but in a bootcamp, particularly one in such a dire predicament as this one on planet Earth, there is little if any time for indirect, cushy answers, is there? The major problem is as most of you know, you\'re not connected with your very own Guidance, something much of the rest of Creation outside this \'forbidden zone\' takes for granted and accepts as a normal part of daily life. Cut off from out Higher Selves as most of us have been for eons, Guidance is NOT EVEN ACCEPTED as real but rather the \'voices in the head\' idea that invariably winds up putting so many people in the mental institution. You should see how many responses I get in other groups about the dangers of \'channeled material\'. And you know, with so many inaccurate and so many darkside channelers, or so many downright \'being used\' channelers out there, it\'s almost understandable why people would have this kind of reaction. As said so often before, it\'s like the tobacco companies used to do when someone came out with a study saying smoking is bad for you. They would then of course come out with three other of their own studies saying the proof was not there, and so eventually people didn\'t know what to believe.

Many New Agers read so much, much material that even contradicts the other they read, and yet they seem to accept it all as gospel. A careful reading of the Bible has exactly the same contradictory material but few if any Christians use the mental gifts they were given with to question or to research why this is so.

It all comes back to laziness, doesn\'t it? The prisoner who knows he\'s a prisoner is no better off than the prisoner who doesn\'t, until that person makes the effort, takes the time, to free themselves up from the Matrix by connecting with something real out there, either their Higher Self or their own personal Guidance, in order to get the true answers needed to lift them out of the morass. And then the real courage is needed when one has found that freedom \'of being connected\' to then stay inside the Matrix in order to further assist those other prisoners who don\'t know they\'re in prison. That\'s where the true difference between Light -\'WORKER\' and Lightworker comes in and can be seen in a person\'s actions, not just in their words.

In service, with Love, Peter