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What Next?
What next?

What happens to a person, a Soul, who has over the course of their
many lifetimes, tried every religion known to mankind and some alien
ones as well, and yet still never found that īGodī they feel inside
their very own hearts?

The answer is that now they turn to a newer alternative being
offered, the latest in the religious alternatives, a new relgion for
a new age - even though it seems to be just a mish-mash of the old
religions rehashed into seemingly a new form; a old book just with a
new cover. For a while these īseekersī linger there trying all the
various aspects of this new religion, trying to find their way trough
the maze of seemingly contradictory beliefs and various gurus who
preach doing nothing, or worse still, preach focusing on escapist
ideas of how to now get out of this body after all the work it took
to get us to agree to come into them exactly for the lessons we are
getting. So many varied ideas could easily tie these souls up for
numerous more lifetimes and though they feel at ease within this īnew-
oldī religion thereīs always the sense that thereīs something more
outside itīs little bubble, like something else is going on thatīs
unseen, something building īout thereī that their new religion tells
them to ignore. And even though they fight back to stay in denial,
they know that thereīs really nothing new here that they havenīt seen
before lifetime upon lifetime following others on sidetrips to real

Fear rears its ugly head because this is the last of the religions
left to these searching souls. If this is not it then whatīs left?
whatīs next? If these searching souls have come to the end of the
choices then all thatīs left is them and the īGodī of their own
hearts, their own Souls, their own Higher Selves and its connection
to every other Soul. And all of this with no middle man to take the
responibility for acting as go-between. Itīs a very scary thought
because that would mean taking responibility for who and what they
are, what they came here to do, and the fact that they have avoided
doing it for so, so very long. No longer would there be a reason not
to connect with their own Higher Selves and the highest levels of
Guidance they have available to them. No longer would there be a
reason to īnot listenī to the God thatīs been speaking to them from
the first day they were manifested into this SuperUniverse. No longer
would there be any excuses for NOT doing what īGodī is asking them to
do in being here, to put away their self-will, to put away their
egos, and to go out and act as co-creators of the Universe - to serve
Higher Will.

This situation then becomes a desperate one where there are no longer
any excuses from save them from stopping the seeking and just being
who and what they are, standing in their own power and manifesting
the changes theyīve always been talking about in all those other
religions. NO longer can they hide in the crowds of sheeple in all
these other religions and try not to be noticed, or hide behind the
excuse that none of these other people are doing anything so why then
should I?

Itīs a real dilemma this running out of religions and gurus to
follow. It means standing up and being counted for what in your heart
youīve always known to be true -- you are a wonderful, powerful,
spiritual Being who needs no go-between between you and your Creator
because to some extent you are One and the Same. You are a part of
the One and the Many.

And when youīve stopped seeking and started just being, then thereīs
the realization that youīve been avoiding the work you came here to
do and that you now need to stand up and be counted amongst the doers
and not just the talkers. Itīs a real dilemma of conscience, and as
you quickly look around to make sure thereīs no other spiritual path
to follow that you may have overlooked, you come face to face with
your own true nature and the fact that itīs now time to face the fact
that all your seeking has just been running away from who and what
you truly are in this moment, the something youīve always been and
always deep down inside yourself known it, and that means now making
a choice to do or to not do, as Yoda would say, To Be or not to
be . . .a Human BE-ing and doing.

In service, Peter