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what s the use of surviving . . . ?
People are so scared of dying.

Funny, isn't it? I've never known someone who had an out-of-body
experience, a near-death experience, or who has died and come back or
remembers being 'out there' who actually wanted to come back here. If
people only knew how wonderful it feels to die then perhaps they might
change and be more loving, trust me, been there done that many times
doing this work. The only thing most of them feel that makes them come
back is the feeling of not having completed something.

This fear of death the New World Order and religion have imposed into
our programming keeps people from ever truly living. It's what many
levels of Guidance say that only 1-3 % of people coming to planet Earth
ever come close to completeing their missions here.

I heard a funny saying this weekend attributed to Jean Paul Sartre,
"Hell is dealing with other people." I know that one too. It goes hand
in hand with what the Masters say that there is no lower hell than
planet Earth in 3D. For most of the people leaving here in the upcoming
events they're going to take hell with them since they can't learn the
very simple lessons of 3rd dimensional existence - the lessons of
'stuff' and 'unconditional love' - and that includes many who came to
planet Earth as 5-11th dimensional Beings. Think of going back and
repeating K-5 schooling again at whatever age your at right now. Maybe
watch the movie, Billy Madison, again.

The History Channel has lately been running a two-hour special called
After Armageddon about an average unprepared family surviving a
cataclysmic event. The special includes many scenarios pulled directly
from past events such as New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. And yes,
hell can get worse. Watching it leaves you with a numbe rof memorable
quotes, one of which is "society is only 9 meals away from anarchy."

Most people reading my work about what's going on only feel the fear of
dying, not the tremendous chance they have to get prepared and to live
and make a difference here and be a part of something very special - the
building of a whole new glorious paradigm - one free of the darkness of
old planet Earth.

What's the use of surviving and going through the hellacious transition
period we've got coming if you're not about standing up and making a
difference? I hope you don't survive if that's all you're about for
NOTHING of the old can or will be taken into this new world we've got
coming, and Spirit wills ee you don't survive if thata ttitude doesn't
change. That's the problem with trying to make people aware that this
event because it is nothing like what 'armageddon' is being portrayed to
be -- the survival of some to just rebuild what's been left behind. It's
not something most people can or will even imagine - building something
completely new, unlike any of what we have now, building something that
is constructed this time to work, not a false Matrix created by some who
feel they were more illuminated than the rest of us, a false Matrix
specifically designed not to work.

Selfishness and self-will is the old 3D paradigm. IT cnanot and will not
exist on this planet any more as the 5th dimensional world completely
takes hold of what we've go here right now and turns it all upside down.
Therefore a choice must be made. Changes must be made. If it's all just
about you then pack your ego, your self-will and be prepared to move on
and take your little hell with you. If you're staying, you bettter
understand the saying, "It takes a village", for it is the very simple
and too the point citizenship test for the new paradigm of tomorrow.

In service.

Peter Farley