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What Times Might Come . . .and what you need to be prepared
Dear Ones,
You may not be ready for what is about to come to you. Depending on
how you handle yourself and how much you stay in touch with your own
personal guidance, you could get through this smoothly or you may
have a little trouble. Things can literally steal your time away at
this moment and it is not all your fault. You must make a concerted
effort to stay in touch as much as you possibly can and keep helping
others to also stay in touch.

Stay centered and remember that this is the most important job and
everything else should come second to this work. We love you. We
realize your capacity for some things right now may be limited right
now because of the new stress in your daily life, but soon you must
get on track and become more vigilant than ever.

Do not let your materialistic desires take over. Take suggestions
and do not get defensive. Do not keep leading with ego. In times of
stress it is easier to revert back to this, but dont; lean on your
guidance and we will give you all the strength and energy you need
as you continue to serve US during the coming days. You must
channel, do whatever it takes. How else will you stay in constant
contact with Us every moment of the days when times begin
to get really difficult?

Artola and Your Angelic Guidance

What it is that the Spiritual Hierarchy need us all to learn for
these times is that NONE of us know nor realize how tough they are
going to be? If this is all about you and not about what you came
here to do, then don't bother. You have wasted thousands upon
thousands of lifetimes to come to come to this point where you are
needed,to do for what you have been trained for, and now you stand
in the prospect of walking away. That is a New Age philosophy
designed especially well to trap everyone into NOT doing what they
AGREED to come here to do.

If you are staying around then the things you need to be able to do
and know to accomplish your mission include:

1. Channeling, working with your own Guidance moment-by-moment. Not
some far out trance channeling but the ability to hear the Guidance
that tells you where to go and when to go much like Neo escaping the
building in Matrix 1. What foods to eat to stay healthy and which to
avoid, what areas are most safe for you and for the mission you have
come here to perform.

All have hands-on training associated with them--

*Understanding the ramifications of your own personal mission, and
what it means NOT to serve.

* The simple and easy spiritually recommended healing techniques you
carry with you in your own very two hands.

*Simple, cheap easy dietary foods and how they will be so important
in the hard days to come when much of what you see no longer exists.

*The power and purpose of Intent.

*The role of the DNA in the whole ascension process. And the new
chakras and how they are affected by the Earth changes. The
reprogramming of the DNA for ascension.

*The real nature of this multi-dimensional war, and where it goes
from here.

*and more, much much more!