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What We Can Do -Individually and Together
What We Can Do -Individually and Together
From Where Were You Before The tree of Life?
Vol 9 - The Origin of All Things
By Peter Farley and Andre Gonzatti

Nothing is better for us right now than some of the Bach Flower
Essences that help break up the old patterns of mental or emotional
imbalance which have clouded our minds and action for so long. The
Spiritual Hierarchy particularly recommend the following to deal
with what is coming and what is already here.
Agrimony for those who hide behind a mask to hide their anxieties,
worries and inner pain and fears. They dislike being alone and are
very sociable, seeking company as a distraction. Agrimony helps them
express their pain, fears and worries, moreover their cheerfulness
will come from within, instead of covering up pain and worries.
Aspen: This Essence helps those who feel fears and worries of
unknown origin. A typical need for Aspen is on waking in fear from a
bad dream, even if the dream itself is forgotten. Aspen helps us to
an inner peace, security and fearlessness.
Oak: This Essence helps you when are exhausted but you keep
struggling on. You are normally strong and brave, but because of
your sense of duty you ignore your tiredness and do not allow
yourself rest. You feel tired, frustrated, stressed and depressed.
Oak helps you restore your energy and makes you recognize the need
to take time off to relax and look after yourself.
Olive: This Essence helps you when you feel utterly tired both
mentally and physically. Olive restore strength, vitality and
interest in life [as do olives themselves. The Roman army used to
march on olives.]
White Chestnut: This Essence helps you when your mind is full of
unwanted thoughts and mental arguments. These mental arguments can
often keep you from sleeping at night. White Chestnut helps you
clear your mind and get the thinking under control and can be put to
positive use in problem-solving. Worry is replaced by trust in a
positive outcome.
Wild Oat: This Essence helps you when you feel uncertain as to which
direction to take in life, such as, choosing an career, you have
reached a cross-road in life and are completely undecided as to what
way to go. Wild Oat helps you get a clear picture of what to do in
life, with positive idea and ambitions, and the ability to decide
upon one's true path.
These are taken a couple of drops under the tongue as often as
needed. The frequency with which they are taken is more important
than the quantity. They may also be 'watered-down' (which actually
makes them stronger) using distilled water or brandy.
The biggest and most frequently asked question is What can I do? The
following channeling adrressed to Erica is more for us all in terms
of how we have to deal with both the present moment and the changes
about to take place-we are all Light-Workers, we are all Spiritual
Warriors as well:
Dear Erica,
This channel is needed right now. We must let you know that your are
capable of more than you would ever imagine using common sense. An
individual soul with a large complement of light can do so much; can
affect such a change in the negative energies currently existing on
the planet, especially [negative energy existing] via chemtrails.
Your positive collective intent can save the world. We can save the
world if we believe in our power and utilize it for the greater good
of all mankind, and in effect all Creation. We can collectively do
whatever it is we wish or imagine; this world belongs to us and is
meant to be a paradise. No money is necesary, no time is necessary-
these are the two great slaveries of all man. Work is a result of
both time and money. It steals your time and energy, and in some
cases, when a person allows it can steal one's soul. With focused
intent we can overcome all which enslaves us in this world. We must
start smaller and gradually build up. Positive effects of people's
thoughts can already be seen in manifestation if one takes a look
around-this is only the beginning. Imagine how much power we have as
lightworkers to make this world a better place. The only obstacles
are fear and apathy which go hand in hand-one is a form of potential
energy, the other a form of kinetic energy, but both produce the
same result which is inaction, and inaction [by default] gives one's
power away to the dark side. This is what they are counting on. They
are getting arrogant, thinking not a soul will step up to their
supposed power, but we must surprise them and wake up out of our
collective apathy and fear before it is too late. We must unite and
take action by action; small steps each day, seemingly
inconsequential steps, can make a big impact if enough people
participate and resist the Darkness's lull to sleep. There is so
much potential. Feel it all around yourself-anything you wish may
manifest itself, so be careful and also know your power and use it
correctly for the good of all people. You are appreciated more than
you will know in this lifetime. You are a vessel for light of the
FATHER and you are here on Earth at the most dangerous time. What
you do is not taken for granted and you are watched over at all
times. Again, all one needs to do is request guidance and we will be
here to assist.
much love,
Your Angels