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What would you do?
The essence of my own latest work has been to help people get on with
their missions here, but as the Hierarchy said, "Peter, if the'yre not
healthy, they're not goung to make it through the coming time let
alone do their own work."

Read this part worth reviewing from last weeks Host of Heaven
channeling and then ask yourself What would you do differently if you
knew you only had a few more years to live/exist in this 3rd
dimensional reality? What changes would you make beginning RIGHT NOW?

" . . . This time that has now arrived must occur for the ending to be a
happy one -- in the end. This is a last look around at the things
that the Creator desired to experience, and then you will move on to
something else. You have your part to play, and you will be the
deliverance from suffering that will be so welcome at the other end
of this time, but in the meantime, focus on your own healing, focus
on your own transformation, focus on what you CAN do to support your
own transition, for it is only when you are fully transformed that
you will be able to provide meaningful relief and support for others.
This period of sorrows is upon the world now, and it will last until
it is over and it is time to clear the stage altogether.

Please understand that all of this has been anticipated, has been
prepared for, and we are doing our part to help all of you, and
through you, millions of others when it is time to do that. But each
thing progresses in phases and stages, and this is where you are at
in the overall process at this time.

We leave you now, in peace, honor, and blessing. Amen, Adonoy
Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

And your answer is? (Writing things down brings them into the creative power of
the now and makes concrete your intent): I will . . .