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when is a god not a god?
A response this morning to someone new\'s channeling that connected with lower level, old-hat entities with christian-sounding connections -

Now the big question for you J is Do you want to be part of the Matrix \'religiosity\' or do you want a connection with real spirituality and the true spiritual worlds, or just the entities and darker energies that are always out there to use any gullible soul not willing to do their own homework. Yes, your channeling was a valid channeling of sorts, but from whom or what? All you know is the Matrix ideas of relgion and the higher worlds. Even though you have personally experienced differently, in these present lifetimes you have bought in to the Matrix lies of religion and the spiritual worlds -- of a very impersonal nebulous \'God\' of the mind - and so when you sit down to channel that is what you connect with.

It\'s the most difficult thing of all to tell people that everything they know (with the mind) about religion and the spiritual worlds is wrong and that they need to release that grip on the old in order to take in the new. If you read the introduction to Volume 1 of the books then that is exactly the issue it deals with.

When you watch the Matrix movies isn\'t that what it tries to portray as well? - the MASSIVE difference between the slave-driven Matrix world of \'what the heck is this life about anyway? just accumulating \'things\' and getting through another day\' as opposed to the very personal bare necessity existence and the very real war taking place to free mankind and free up true spirituality in this corner of the Universe. DO we take the red pill or the blue pill? One first has to have some indication that the life they\'re living is not the one they feel should be -- this is the wisdom of the heart. Unfortunately, most of us having been tortured and killed for trying to teach anything else in past lives, we now choose to remain silent about what we feel to be true inside our hearts. This is collusion, the tacit agreement with the ruling paradigm by not getting up and saying differently.

One of the most common comments I get from people reading the volumes of history of Creation is how much it rings true with what they always knew inside their hearts and or minds. It just makes sense of Creation, of existence, and of what they see going on a round them.

Unfortunately, mankind being lazy as well as cowardly, most people won\'t do this kind of homework to reconnect with what they already know. And so their life goes on and they remain out there talking spirituality instead of living and being spirituality. And of course since they are too lazy to do the work themselves they need to put down, ostracize, and critize anyone who does. These are the blind leading the blind. They are the cannon fodder of this ascension process, the ones one cannot be concerned with because they have made their choices not to ascend and so we must move on.

There is so much out there, not just in the volumes but in the articles to assist you to reconnect with something real spiritually, but then it is you who must gather the intent to seek out the highest and not just settle for the \'lower\' levels of heaven and all the entities that are there to stop you along the way. Very few souls ever reach the higher levels of Creation. Fewer still ever become the Masters of those higher worlds (no, not the New Age masters who all work against Creation instead of with and for it). What is the difference? Again I always come back to the small wonderful work called A Pilgrim\'s Progress by John Bunyan. Even though it centers itself around a Christian-like character (having been written in the 1600\'s), it has touched a simplicity that is at the core of all true spirituality as well.

A few days ago, Guidance had me post the 12 step program used in most addiction counselling and rehabilitation. The first step of that 12 step program is admitting we have a problem. Well for all of us the problem we have is that we have lost track of what it is our Soul really knows to be true and now are only in touch with what our mind \'thinks\' is true - the basic programming of the Matrix. This is the arrogance of the Lightworker I contend with everyday, their mind thinks this and that, and they no longer have any true connection with soul. Soul is the only part of us that can discern the truth in anything, that is why channeling our Higher selves or our Guidance is reconnecting with soul and all the things that it KNOWS to be true. Allowing the mind to tell us what\'s true is like haing our shovel tell us where to dig.

The darkside has had us all believing that mind is God, and all the religions promote that equation -even the New Age supposedly deals with body, mind , and spirit, and this is the farthest thing from truth, particularly since so much of what we connect with in channeling and in dealing with higher levels of vibration ONLY occurs through our hearts and the wisdom it has without the ego or arrogance the mind kind of person has to generate to make his false precepts seem true.

Unfortunately, most of us come from the mind and have been trained in the mind and fed the mind for so long that it is all powerful in our lives. That is why there are lessons and exercises and articles dealing with how to gradually put the mind at rest in order for Soul and the higher levels of Spirit to come through.

Some people can connect naturally because their minds have not become the total dictators of their lives. Unfortunately, most people are in that state and hence when Guidance and I asks them to reconnect through channeling they walk away from it and go back to their mind-driven spirituality. It just takes too much work and self-responibility to work on erasing old programming, to deny the predominant paradigm of untruth in order to pursue something higher. Even for those who do some of the work to reconnect, the strength it takes and the persistence and pure intent of following Guidance drives everyone away eventually. We are just not accustomed in this SuperUniverse to serving Higher Will.

Again it comes down to attitude and attention. Do you really want true spirituality or are you willing to settle for the prevailing attitudes and paradigm? Do you have the strength to admit or at least put aside what you \'think\' you know in order to possibly gain something higher and something that resonates more with your heart than with your mind?

So much through the articles and postings Guidance has me and others who have done it stress the need to do your homework in order to reconnect. Possibly for you this is the place to start so that then when you express with pure intent your desire to go beyod the lies and subversion of the Matrix you will know and be able to reconnect with that which you\'ve always known in your heart to be true. Try it and see how it feels . . . do the letter of intent once you have (wordsearch the messages or look in the Files section) . . and then \'try\' channeling again and see how it goes.

L and Bw, Peter