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Where to start , Part 2 . . channeling
Where to start . . Part 2
Peter Farley

Channeling or being able to clearly hear and speak with YOUR OWN PERSONAL
Guidance wila lways be step one. Then no one will need to tell you anything
about your own health, your own mission, or what the heck it is you are supposed
to be doing here. Everyone doing this exercise succeeds pretty much from their
firsta ttempt. The only thing is learning to relax with the process and take it
into your daily activities to the level of "Should I eat at Wendy's or
McDonald's? Should I eat the chicken or the hamburger?" NOTHING LESS than this
level of working with Guidance will get you thorugh the days to come and the
hell that is waiting for all of us as we face the darkness head on at the Battle
for Helm's Deep. If you rely on others to tell you what you should be doing,
where you should be goiung, or what to do about your health, then you deserve
what you get.

WHo is more to blame? the controller or the one who allows themself to be
controlled? The only difference is the controller gets more karma for their
going against the prime Directive of first an above all freewill.

I have worked with so many people over the past 12 years who have
expessed their desire to serve Creation, the Light or whatever. Their
willingness is sometimes overwhelming. The only problem is when it
comes to healing their own inner 'blindspots' they baulk, refuse,
turn away, or simply do not see them.

One person recommeneded to me recently wa svery proud to tell me all
the gifted 'psychics' told her she was here to serve the One. Looking
at where she is now and he rplace within the Creational drama tkaing
place, I replied to her that indeed she was here tos erve the one,
however, she was running so damn late because she was too busy
bulilding up her ego with who she was that the war was now half over
and Guidance didn't think she could ever make it up to the plate to
bat at this late stage of the game.

Many writers including David Icke (the old original one) speak of the
New Age as the darkest religion of all because it makes people so
full of 'love and light' that they forget to get up and do something
with all that love and light.or, worse still, to believe that
everything is so okay when in truth nothing is, and the plamnet still
remains dark and with the ever present movement towards more darkness.

Guidance has said it a few times through my writings, the greatest
darkness now in the Universe besides the 'unhealed Lilith Mother
energy' is the darkness we ourselves create. Self-will runs rampant
through each and every one of us, and those who seek tos erve the
Highest Creator need to take alook at who their self-will serves --
is it in service to the Highest Will, or is it in fact onlys erving
their own egos and their own self-will. Service means surrendering
your will to the Higher Will to help in whatever way it can --not in
the ways it seems to think are 'worthwhile, easy, worthy of us," or
any of the thousands of other excuses I have heard along in my

When people read the fine print on their life contracts they find
they had forgotten about healing their own problems first, serving in
whatever way Spirit needs and desires us to serve, and working IN
CO_OPERATION with others. David Icke was the worst, but no less thna
so manyI have met. he thought he could save the world by himself. he
couldn't, and lost himself in the trying. Most others also lose their
greatest opportunities to be the superheroes they've always dreamed
of being by not surrendering the ego/self-will first. Watch Spiderman
2 again for it points out in great detail the desire of those who
really do serve to just be normal people with normal lives and
without the powers that make them so valuable to society.

There are so many who have been co-erced into using their powers ana
abilities in past lifetimes for the darkside that now in this
lifetime they refuse to get involved for fear of losing themselves
again to that seductive force wich is self-will. But if they don't,
what will happen to them? to all of us?

SOmany times I have to explain to peole that WE are the help we're
waiting for to solve thios entire situation. The space brothers, God,
every other kind of spiritual Guidance is onlyw aiting for us to step
up and do what it is we cnme here to do, and the situation WILL be
resolved. if not with you, then without you . . but it will getr
4esolved . . but what will happen to you and to all those sometimes
millions of lifetimes you have spent preparing for this one? it is
your spiritual awareness which is at stake here, not anything else --
except maybe the imprisonment of all of Mankind and the complete
cessation of Light-bearing in this entire corner of the Universe.

Serve, or get off the pot . . but do something . . .

On anothe rnote: Watching the animated 'children's movie Over the
Hedge done by Spielberg and Dreamworks it was sad tos ee that they
incorporated chemtrails into almost every backdrop to make it
appearas if these are a normal phenomena.

Also the local TV station in San Diego spent a good five minutes on
the new implants available at so many local hospitals now that
will 'free us up from worry should be we hurt in soem type of
accident." For as little as $100 we can now feel secure that
everything about us will be available to those who need to know in
event of an emergency . . and to everyone else who doesn't need to

Last butnot least was the article this week on the increasing number
of vaccinations needed even to attend Graduate school ! . . and
thenfact that so many of them now are proving so ineffective that
booster shots are needed every few years. What is your solution for
the lessing strength of everyone' immune system as wella s that of
the planet?

In Service, Peter