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Who do you serve?
Who do you serve?
by Peter Farley

There is a question which one must answer sometime in their spiritual lives when looking at the decision to step up to bat or not -that is Who do we serve?
The darkside has its version of this question in their metaphorical quest for the Holy Grail , and the question Who does it serve?

Once upon a time I lost all my spiritual friends when I started doing this work, and was then ?walked out? of a meeting of a ?spiritual group? I had belonged to for more than 20 years because they said aliens and these other kinds of entities aren?t ?spiritual?.

Firstly, since 78 percent of the planet?s population is alien in human form (somewhere around 11 percent of them reptilian or Saurian of some nature, that nullifies the point of aliens not being ?spiritual?. St. Germaine, for example, says that there are more than 200 ?species? of being here on the planet at any one time -projecting, as Dr. Michael Newton has verified with his groundbreaking study of life between lives, projecting human bodies here onto planet Earth at any one time. I think so far I have only dealt with maybe 50 or 60 different kinds so far in my healing work including various levels of angels and the devic kingdom, and half a dozen different kinds f reptilian both ?good? and ?bad? (Does one count gargoyles as reptilian?). I look forward to encountering the rest.

As low or as high on the spiritual evolutionary scale as any of these Beings might stand, they are all a part of Creation, and except for one or two ?soulless beings I have had to deal with, they all have what we might call Soul. Even the artificial intelligences I have dealt with in my travels have a life-force that can be manifested into a higher level of Light and Sound energy to basically give them a certain degree of Soul-awareness. This is very well expressed in the last Star trek movie Nemesis where Data, the AI, seeks to better himself and understand what it is to be Human. The Stanley Kubrick-Steven Spielberg movie AI also expressed this very same idea.

Secondly, all I?m doing is helping everyone take their next steps spiritually to where ever they feel comfortable at that particular moment. If the person doesn?t want to take that step or those steps, then I move on. I am only here till people makes their choices. Their choices then influence the level of guidance they get and the level at which they serve -or not.

The healing work I do is simply there to clear out as many roadblocks as possible so they can then move on to bigger and better things, but mostly into higher levels of spiritual service.

So it becomes a choice, as in the Lord of The Rings where the theme is echoed again and again, particularly in the upcoming finale, All we can do is decide what to do with the time allotted to us, i.e., to serve or not to serve.
This then all comes back to the major question in all of Creation, but most particularly in this ?flawed? area of Creation -?Do we do these things for power and personal glory (Self-will), or do we do them out of Love for all Mankind and because we choose to serve the Higher Will?

Most of those I work with or write for are higher-level beings than those they look to for guidance in this ?smoke and mirrors? Matrix. People dearly love to give their power away to other lesser beings because that relieves them of their sense of responsibility for who and what they are, and especially from what they have come here to help do in this particular all-important lifetime.
Many I know deal with entities from the astral realms, half of which are nothing more than Ghostbuster-like energies out to have some fun at our very own expense. Like the entities that attach to us in bars and in other addictive situations, these entities derive vicarious pleasure from and through us whenever we partake of whatever it is THEY enjoy feeling or doing so much.

When we give our power away to such beings and entities, we end up getting trapped here in the 3rd dimensional Matrix worlds, even though many of us are already 5th, 6th, all the way up to 10th and 12th dimensional beings. Humans so dearly love to give away their power to anything outside themselves because we are programming from childhood that we are all the same??humans?-all created equal?and all less than anything ?out there? in the ?higher realms? of existence. We are 6th graders, 7th graders, 8th graders and higher who have come back here to help the 3rd graders graduate into the 5th grade?tutors if you will.

But all the Darkside has to do is surround us with some smoke and mirrors and car chases and big explosions and our attention gets shifted and we immediately can?t get off our butts to fight the very real war taking place here in this Universe (see the mini-series Battlestar Galactica appearing this week on the Sci-fi channel and Stephen King?s Dreamcatcher for better understandings of how things really are).

There are two choices in the Universe-Power and Love. The humility
of serving the Higher Will THROUGH our own directed self-will is the Love option. Or there is the Power option of Self-will and all that goes with it?doing things because they in some way enrich or benefit us in some way as our primary thought. MY needs are taken care of in the service I give, not necessarily my wants. My Guidance, however, knows me and what I like better than I do, and They always give me greater things than I would have chosen for myself because I somehow limit my own choices. They love me more than I love myself and want greater things for me than I want for myself?but They also want my work done because Spirit works THROUGH people.

So if you are looking at making the choice to serve or not to serve, my Guidance would like me to offer you the work on your ego chakras (see for an explanation of how this will help you) in order to help you ?stick with? your decisions. The fee for the work will be an open donation depending on what you feel you can afford.

Everyone I talk to chooses the highest level of service, until they find out what that involves, i.e., the complete surrender of our will to that Higher Will of which we all are a part. Only one in a million, however, can make that same commitment every morning of their lives and then step up every day to live by what they have chosen.

Here is a place to start, something to think upon. It took some hard bootkicks to wake me up too. I, too, am only one person out there making a very big difference. Now I am here for the rest of those who too need a little shove to help them get started. We are special people here to do a special job that we ourselves have chosen in coming to this planet in this particular lifetime, a lifetime when all of Creation is at stake not just Mankind as some would have us believe. As with the Lord of the Rings, however, it is only the most humble who can handle the Ring of Power.

In service, and as a gift for these particular desperate times leading up to the more major events to come, my Guidance would like to offer once again to anyone who wants it and who e-mails me requesting it, the first two volumes of my work Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?, absolutely free of charge over the internet. It is your history. It is time for you to own it and accept the responsibility for it and for the healing of it by not allowing these things to happen once again. ?Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.?