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women and fear
IN dealing with an Italian women on her particualr issues, the
Spiritual Hierarchy have asked me aslo tos end this e-mail to the
group because it covers so many similar issues in what is facing
womeen at the current time. Also, if any of you can help translate
some of the work, Peter\'s articles are already beginning to appear in
foreign language websites around the world, and this will only
continue to grow as we make the work accessible to many as a service
to all.

Silvia, I/They need to get across to Cinzia the idea that she alone
is responsible for the troubled times she is in, that we indeed do
create our own worlds or, as in her case, allow others to create the
world in which w elive. I am sure this is the case with so so many
Italian women because of their heritage and their religion and the
entire process of being a female in Italy or of Italian descent (or
any of the Catholic-dominated religious groups). I see it here in the
US, I grew up with it in Australai around the poorer southern Italian
migrants. SO much of what I am here to do is help women stand in
their power and shuck off old ways of thinking and doing things. The
Mother (nothing to do with Christ) energy has been missing from the
planet for so so long, and the women have become doormats, or worse
still, they have become the men who have always held them down.
I sent Cinzia a \'translated\' version of the Surrender article from
my website, hoping particularly that she could pick up on the fear
aspect mentioned in there as the key to her stepping out of the
doldrums she is in. Fear is the number one way in which the New World
Order and the darkside hold us all down, but in particular women
because they seem to seek security in every aspect of what they do If
between you. It is then fear of losing that security which is held
over them in relationships, in jobs, with respewct to their children,
and eventually as a way of keeping them controlled within their own
religius beliefs inherited at birth.
This is what we have to get across, not only to Cinzia, but to all
the women we can reach everywhere. The female MUST lead the way into
the new paradigm or no one is going, buit women are too afraid to
stand up and be counted. It must be like those two women who stopped
the killing in Ulster, Ireland, all those years ago. Like the mothers
who started Mothers Against Drunk Drivers here in the US. Women must
rise up and throw off the bounds of what has kept them down and
powerless for so long.
Cinzia, like so many others, gives her power away to others or lets
them take it in order to keep them happy and herself secure. This has
led her to a place where there is no energy left and she is powerless
to change her own situation.

In our healing work we have identified a FEAR CHAKRA or energy
center. Some significant incident happens in our childhood which
first allows this fear chakra to form, and then all the fear we take
on from parents, loved ones, the media etc has a place to cling to
until it forms an energy knt so big we are incapable of acting
without experiencing the fear of all these previous events. We have
also found this FEAR CHAKRA can be removed energetically, even long
distance as so much of our work is. This helps free one up to be
their true legitimate selves once again. Of course, in most cases,
this also involves removing the crystal implants (imposed
limitations) of our level one treatment, and sometimes the ego chakra
or other levels of the work that we do. The more we can become our
own true legitimate selves, the more able we are able to overcome
whatever it is that hampers us from performing our chosen missions
here on planet Earth, and in fact, taking much bolder and grander
steps towards out true spiritual selves.

If you can translate this for her, and perhaps if you can, as you
get time, translate the Surrender article to send to every Italian
website we can get it to, then this would be the greatest help of all
right now.

One thing, which goes not only for Cinzia, but for all the
Lightworkers we have had to deal with recently, they seem to think
that spiritual work or healing should be free, and yet they are
always \'better off\' then we are in terms of finacial matters.
Spiritrual Law requires a payment of some type for everything we
receive in life. Sometimes a monetary payment is an easier way than
payment in terms of karma. I have received much help along the way in
terms of \'free help\' but my payment, as is available to others and is
asked when we do so much \'free work\' for others, is to pass it on.
Life gives to us and we give back to life, not necessarily to one
specific individual, but to another who also needs ourt help to
better be able to serve.
I thank you for all you do, Silvia. L and BW, Peter


As most of you know, there is a grid of fear surrounding the globe,
that we, as individuals and collectively with others in our
society, \"tap\" into until the time comes for us to … \"go through the
grid of fear\" to live and work beyond the Universal Grid of Fear.
This is not the void, but an actual barrier surrounding the earth.
In our work, this is Level 5. The chakra system that we are
describing today is NOT this barrier. We also have a personal
relationship with fear and have a chakra system outside of ourselves
that is in place even if/when we go through the Universal Veil/Grid
of Fear. This chakra system may or may not have been in place at
birth… it could have come with you in this incarnation. It really
doesn\'t matter… what does matter is that is exists. We have \"fed\"
this chakra system by believing messages that were given to us by
individuals, religions, cultures, societies, etc. The chakra system
not only \"feeds\" into your personal one, but also goes through it and
intertwines back to itself… totally anchoring you. It also anchors
somewhere that is unique to you in your physical body. If you are
ready to live without fear and without this anchor, it can be
eliminated for you.