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you are none ready - nostradamus
Nostradamus, from Helen's translations ( ):

2.37 1 De ce grand nombre que l'on envoyera




I am thoroughly confused

On the one hand:
First there is much talk in the media of a false flag alien invasion that "would repair the economy"
As usual - the only ones making the terminal end money are the ammunitions makers. This was
actually given in the media as the reason the "economy will recover" - by making weapons - more weapons

As if OUR weapons will defeat alien technology!!!

Does a person put their complete trust and faith in the words of Nostradamus - is there going to be a REAL
invasion of some sort.

My thoughts are YES:
an attempt to gain souls would be a good enough reason
already people have been "trained" to believe in "ascension-passion-rapture"

each of which is a totally different thing, with the emphases on "ascension" that "thing" which you have
been trying to explain to souls. The evolution, even mutation of our souls, the "id" within, the "attitude"
we possess. You have come up with much better wording than I could possibly dream of

On the first hand, these persons believe in "god" without (most people) reading carefully that
these particular "gods" are plural, therefore cannot be the "one" god which is singular

Peter - at last I have compiled the lines in the Hidden Texts which refer to just this.
In total the lines aimed at warnings regarding this problem appear in about 40% of all the
Hidden Texts lines.

That is, 45 pages out of the 110 pages in total - of full page lines...(Arial 9 font)

This set of forums will not be presented as all the former lines have been.
They are being presented by CENTURY NUMBER
Just as the original quatrains were. They will start on page 9 of the web site.
Page 9 will be devoted entirely to the "unholy 6" which incidentally is the "second coming"
according to Nostradamus.

Not the ARM.MAR.GID.DA second coming. That is to be a star wars
(Cepheus the king is ARM and Ursa Major the bear is MAR.GID.DA)

It is to be noted that the references to INVASION not only contains warnings regarding exactly who it is
doing the trespassing, but that the lies they told the leaders we trust have been believed, and the hidden
agenda not apparent until too late.

The media has a complete gag on these incursions. One will NEVER hear about this invasion on the news.
Riots world wide - anarchy, all those things will be most evident.

There were so many lines with the word RIOT in them - that I put those aside.
But now I see them as a grand DIVERSION.

I realise that you yourself may not agree with much of this, but I am bound to state only that which is becoming apparent in the Hidden Texts.
Since certain events have come true, and on the dates stated, then one can only surmise that certain
other events will also come true.

The errors made will be all mine, particularly with the single left over letters which are a date. Placing
those letters where they belong is a night mare for me. On occasions the date appears in the quatrains
such as the huge winds in London "winter's solstice" which can be a guide.

I am updating the unfinished forum in which I plucked line 7 30 4. and it is in the process of being completed
today. It is attached as it is at the moment for you to have a look because of that recent crop circle (17th Aug)
and if the dates within are true - then because of the urgency.

Nostradamus does say in the quatreins "YOU WILL BE NONE READY"
Time and again Nostradamus has emphasised the month of October - beginning with his epistle to Henri and
continuing in the forum "OCTOBER" on page 7 of the web site.
The date of the 28th being on a "FRIDAY" makes it this year of 2011
(but could be any other year with that combination).
My doubts arise due to the words CAT HARE METAL.

The METAL CAT HARE year is 2011 or 2071

I put this down to the misleading 2012 hype -
which is merely a complete change in climate towards an ice age.
Where it says in Rev. (don't have the number to hand) that the earth will have no water/oceans, is because
it will all be ICE.
We will just have to learn to live on an ice planet for some time...we have done it before

The reference to YOU UUILL BE NONE READY appears in an important lines, so I will go and get that reference shortly...


Peter: The one movie that shows what's going on better than any lately is Nicolas Cage's Lord of War, for obvious reasons you state here and that cover many other areas of the economic/NWO package of takeover. Question is, and why I've been shut down by alien/UFO/ and NWO buffs alike is that I can prove and have shown to many that 71 percent of the population isn't even human, so how can we be invaded by aliens when we are the aliens?

Ask me one day and I'll channel Nostradmus for you in his 'higher' persona if you like and you can ask some questions. Just as with his system of astrology that was more real and different from the 'normal' astrology but is far more accurate (See Dr. Turi's work) his realizations of the future are based on many things. Since he was a part of the NWO of his time and had access to their Great Plan (from Thoth) he had that timeline. Being who he was spiritually he also had access to the potential timeline that was the one we have now left behind in a 12 Monkey's scenario where that timeline was set but was then altered by those coming back to avoid the nasty future that timeline had in store for Mankind. Lastly, he had his own 'dolmen visions' of the potential futures he saw much like Gordon Michael Scallion who said he once had multiple TV sets showing him possible futures but about 6-7 years ago there began only appearing one - the most likely scenario.

With every human there is a script, much like a recent Matt Damon movie describes. However, at any moment of the day we can choose to step off that script and take our own way of doing things. The thing is, the original script is set up to give you the lessons you need BASED ON your past decisions and traits. As Anca can tell you, having your programming and crystal impnts removed frees you up incredibly from what you thought you were doing and where you were headed. This is how she said it:

"It was like you said: in the morning, a feeling of being crushed. But, while I was awakening and reading and,
I felt joy, the feeling of something heavy gone, a wish to work, understanding my past limitations."

I think that in the end Nostradamus made his best guess given all the input he was getting. Hence much of the timeline of events has come true, but also he has allowed for the changes of the 12th Monkey scenario for the most part but not to a full enough extent because not even the Spiritual Hierarchy THEMSELVES expected things to be taken this far in freeing up not only planet Earth, but in freeing up Creation with the healing of the local Creator Family described in the volumes. If 'God' Himself could not imagine how far we have come, how could even Nostradamus imagine it? Hence, many thing will be right with him, and some will not even show up as a blip on the computer screen of the future and of the current things going on. The SHIFT was going to happen one way or another, for the good or for the evil purposes of the NWO. Hence the 'none of you will be ready'. And no one I know is ready but then how come I'm ready? Why do I know of these things that only Nostradmus and a few others know of? How come sitting in a tiny room in AZ or NV I can explain things that these people from Black Ops say is known to only a few? Come the day I've been given I'll be in my safe place because I know this time THEY're not joking or delaying . This time it is for real.