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you are none ready to hide like a mouse peter farley in her nostradamus & the grand pulse , nell park

In her NOSTRADAMUS & THE GRAND PULSE", Nell Parkes translates Nostradamus' advice as to what people should do during this time of the Shift, and it's very blunt:

"MOUSE HID SAFE – is a clue for what we should all do = hide like a mouse" for the Earth Changes demand a certain spiritual awareness and connection with one's own spiritual Guidance to actually survive. Listening to other people tell you what's taking place with the ascension of the planet, how planets are capable of shifting dimensions and the method by which they do this, and what it will take to survive the Shift, gives you a mental concept but not the higher level understanding to actually put one foot in front of the other moment-by-moment in order to walk `between the worlds' and move from one world to the other.

That's why Nostradamus, also in his understanding and wisdom added to his Hidden Texts,

2.37 1 De ce grand nombre que l'on envoyera




You are none ready. . . I know a lot of people who think they're ready. I know even more people who, like the people watching the Indonesian tsunami coming towards them, are waiting to see the Shift actually affecting them before they make a move to be ready. And then there are countless multitudes I know and see who are sitting back and `turning up the volume on their TV sets' in order to ignore what's already slapping them in the face everywhere they look – cognitive dissonance it's called; dealing with a rising problem by ignoring it. The closer the problem gets the louder you turn up the volume.

For more than a dozen years Guidance has had me `trying' to get people to connect and channel their own Guidance so that they'd be ready for this time, but few if any have kept up with it constantly. Even fewer have even attempted the very simple exercise because they were too lazy, too programmed, or just too burned out from being told all their lives what to do to actually empower themselves and connect with something grander and more wonderful, something that loves them even more than they love their own ego defenses. I did my best but the prime directive of Creation is free will.

Many Masters have said it; most Souls never make the higher levels of Creation because like lazy students they just don't have the drive or vision to go for broke in terms of the effort they're willing to expend on their spiritual growth and awareness.

Time is really too late to do much with these people. Their lessons will be as they have chosen, long, boring and slow going, but not on this ascended 5D planet Earth.

What can a person relpy to someone who at this late date has this to say about their own ascension process and surviving the Earth changes:

"Survival? Shouldn't we who are awake with awareness just ascend? Do we have to deal with what is coming? I thought we would be whisked away and be safe..."

Of course this is the New Age –post-Christianity no self-responsibility type of religious/spiritual belief that has nothing to do with reality but has a lot to do with the New World Order/darkside getting so-called Lightworkers to do nothing.

Of course this person's own estimation of her awareness shows how people are duped into believing that reading spiritual things online makes a person `aware'; or because they've read a lot about the earth changes then they are aware.

David Icke (the old David Icke) and others have detailed the metaphysical roots of New Age teachings that are just the same old mystery schools of Thoth and the darkside leaders, recycled once again like a romance paperback to fit what's going on today. Make no mistake, however, their principal idea is one's own self-aggrandizement and the feeding off the energies of those less powerful. It is the worst form of Ponzi scheme where only the illuminated elite at the very top of the pyramid end up swollen with stolen energies and power.

And of course this same person would not do the channeling exercise that had led her to talk to me in the first place, not do something that would give them their own answers and connect them with the source of personal truth. Relying solely on Mind, the male side of things, these old teachings and their followers support and help create the Matrix they live in.

The darkside has had so much experience in setting up and perfecting their Matrixes in every area of this corner of the Universe. Planet Earth, except for the work of a small band of true spiritual warriors, would by now be completely destroyed or deeply in the grasps of an all-powerful elite, the old sorcerer warlords of Atlantis, of the Merovingian Dynasty, of the Knights Templar, of the Freemasons and the Skull and Bones, of the reptilian `lords' and of the Annunaki who never really left planet Earth but only went `underground'. These are the ones who now occupy our governments, bleed us dry by their actions on Wall Street and in the halls of international banking, educational foundations and the military, and of every power structure that has dominion over mankind's actions.

There is a choice to do our homework, to connect with our own Highest Guidance, and to do the work we came here to do. Why else would we be sent to planet Earth if our only mission was then to escape it? What type of silly God would plan such a thing? Why would we even speak of `having a mission' if our mission didn't have something to do with destroying the Matrix that enslaves so many? Why would we, as most of you reading this are, endanger our higher level awareness to come back to 3D Earth to assist with what's going on here?

Awareness? Sorry, it's a fragile thing and something that once earned cannot be lost. Why do these New Age aware people not remember that from all their readings? Probably because it doesn't fit with their kindergarten view of life handed down by their Christian forebears, one that does not require any sacrifice or hard work to earn. Many, many of those who consider themselves aware are now going to find themselves leaving the planet to continue their learnings in a 3D Matrix somewhere else.

As one person willing to do the simple task of connecting with her own personal Guidance channeled the other day in my yahoogroup:

Dear One,

Today you understood the difference between writing from your mind and writing when you are completely immersed in your heart and mind is used just to put into words what you felt. And indeed it is a big difference. Mind lead you on the paths only known and accepted by it, and these paths take you away from simple truth. There will always be more questions when you're only in your mind.

When your message comes from your heart then you have in your Being a feeling of peace, joy and satisfaction because, actually, your soul is happy that It sent the message and it was received. It is the joy of communication with that part of you that is ONE with US who is passing you that feeling of joy, peace and love.

When you get the answers by the mind only it won't be clear in this physical plan for it is disturbed by dark influences around you, thoughts of denying Who You Really Are, fear, anxiety but especially doubt on everything. The feeling that you get from a message only from your mind is one of dissatisfaction, uncertainty whether it is or is not true what you heard or, worse, confused and therefore wrong information.

True communication with the Highest part of you and your Highest Guidance is only in the heart. How to get there, in words is easy to say, however, only practical exercises, day by day combined with a pure intent will help you manage it. Pure intent refers to the intent that you connect with your Highest Guidance and to receive messages appropriate for your highest good and the highest good of all those around you.

With much Love,

RAJ, HAROON, CALIEFAH and Spiritual Hierarchy

Simple fact is that everything must be earned or paid for with the true spiritual coin. Grace is given as a reward for true spiritual work and the highest, most selfless actions of a Soul, not as a right of just being.

That's why so few are ready, almost none, even those who have their supplies and ground set aside for what they believe or have been told what is to come. If they focused more on the survival of the spiritual awareness they had earned in past-lives then they would not even need to think about ascension, it would indeed be a given since it's a process of the DNA-light processing unit of our bodies and Souls, one that manifests greater Light and Sound as we also act as a channel for it and give or spread it out to others.

Are you ready to hide like a mouse and then emerge as the Native American tribes have so often into a new bright shining world and a higher dimensional existence?

If you get a no, here's something that may help you, but only if you use it as a tool and not be afraid of finding out the reality of the Higher Spiritual worlds:

Missions Part #2

Channeling Exercise: Learn to channel your own Guidance with this simple, easy to use exercise:

The following simple technique is how I have taught so many to successfully channel their own Higher Self or Guidance, correctly, the first time and every time that fear does not get in the way. Do yourself a favor and print out the exercise and read through it as people tend to `skim' articles on the computer rather than read for the full deepest meaning of the words:

I am writing to tell you about a way to channel. It is called the "Dear One technique".

First, I would suggest going to a quiet area where you can sit comfortably in a relaxed state, somewhere where you won't be bothered. If you are serious at all about your spirituality and therefore give your Guidance and your own spiritual nature the respect it deserves you will set aside to do this without being interrupted by the outside world. One of the greatest reasons for people failing to do this is that they are too worried about other things or their day to come rather than being HERE and NOW to connect. If appropriate, sit and do the HU for 15 minutes before sitting to write - http://www.eckankar .org/hu.html The HU belongs to know religion or spiritual path. It is for everyone, regardless.

Then, either on paper or set up on the computer in a Microsoft Word or word processing program, begin by writing - "Dear One," on the page. This is your guidance referring to you as the "Dear One". What you then write is THEIR words to you, not yours to Them. From there, begin writing whatever comes through you however you receive it. Do not stop and judge the message, and do not try to edit or spell correctly or anything for this shifts you into the analytical side of your brain instead of the creative heart side. All that can be done when you are finished. Keep writing whatever you are getting and do not stop until your Guidance signs off. As a free writing exercise you never lift your pen from the page in doing this very same exercise just allowing everything to flow outward until done.

If you have a little trouble beginning then you may need to start out with a prompt, something like, "The most important thing for you to know right now is. . ." to get you started. Your mind may try to get in the way or you may get flustered. Do not think about things. Do not question. Do not wonder if you are doing it right. The best motto for this is `Just do it'. If something happens to stop you, just start over again by writing "Dear One," and then continue. When you are finished, you may channel a closing such as "With Great Love" and then channel the name of the Being or Beings or your Higher Self you are channeling. If you do this once or twice daily for 10-15 minutes it should become more comfortable to do within a very short time. Learning to trust it depends on you and your connection. That's why I am here initially to help confirm things for you as I am able to work with anyone and everyone's Guidance. A little confirmation in the beginning helps you feel secure with the process and tends to help you move forward instead of easily finding an excuse not to do it.

Always COMMAND that only those who are for your highest good and those who serve the Highest be allowed to channel through you. Some may channel their Higher Self, that part of themselves connected to every other Soul and to the Creator Itself. Some have more specific missions to channel messages for or from the planet, for specific groups of Beings on the planet, or for the Lightworkers as a whole.

When you are comfortable with the process you can then begin asking questions which you should write down, and then channeling an answer, again beginning with "Dear One,". To strengthen your own innate talents of doing this, ask your Guidance for an answer inwardly whenever you have a decision to make anytime or all of the time throughout the day. Should I wear blue or green today? Should I go this way or that way to work? Should I go to McDonalds or Wendy's for lunch? Should I have the chicken or the hamburger? This is working with moment to moment Guidance and the channeling and it both help strengthen the channels between you and your Guidance.

If you can even get just a yes or no answer to such questions, with time, you will be able to deal with any situation that confronts you by simply asking Guidance. Constant practice builds the ability to hear, see, and to trust.

Guidance will rarely ever ask you to do something which is not a part of your spiritual makeup. You always have the right and should eventually learn to challenge whatever you are getting by asking/commanding THREE times "In the name of the Highest, is what I am getting correct?

Yes, there are other entities out there that like to play games, but you are not trance channeling and as long as your intent is pure, nothing should ever be able to bother you.

Read the other lessons in the Connecting with Guidance section after you have done (not `tried') the channeling technique a few times. I am always here personally to help individually with this task until you get comfortable with it. Most people I work with get upwards of 90% correct the first times they do this. I am always happy to let you know the results of your initial efforts should you so wish and what else you might do to improve your connections. . Some of you out there have specific messages for people and some others around you relating to the talents/skills/ mission you have brought into this lifetime. I can also help you with this should you see fit to ask for this kind of assistance. The key word here again is `help you'. It is of no use to you if I simply tell you your mission since without you being connected to your own Guidance in some real way, the chance of your ever doing your mission is little or none.

Above all, Enjoy!
Laugh and Be Well,