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you cannot do this alone . . . points of light 5
You cannot do this alone . . .

While the power of one person following Higher Will is awesome, no one
can do this all alone. It is evidenced to me every day that those who
accept the help offered in learning and honing their channeling
abilities succeed where those who do not most often fail. So it is with
so much of life. While we may think some people have `natural,
God-given talents\', somewhere back along the way of their many past
lives all those talents were somewhere learned and most often somewhere
taught to them as well. Very few people have the talent and strength of
learning on their own. That is why we have Masters there to assist us
and to point out the pitfalls that often hinder our journey. Of course
it\'s then up to us to choose either the harder but sometimes needed
lesson of falling into the pit or of avoiding it all together. The baby
trying to stand on its own two feet is the example of trial and error
and an unwitting, primeval drive to succeed. If we had that type of
drive in everything we do then yes we wouldn\'t need help. As Diana
wrote to me yesterday, however, \"The bottom line is Peter, I need
your help. You know it is not only men who have problems asking for
help, some women do too. For sure I am one of them, because I believe
one should be able to resolve their own problems.\" The resolution
of a problem comes through doing. No one can take that responsibility
away from anyone because no one can do it but you. Someone can, however,
like the Master, point out the more objective `here\'s what
you\'re doing wrong,\" or \"here\'s an easier way to do that
should you wish to try it.\" So in fact no one is weakening
themselves by asking for assistance since the strength is in the doing.
Reading instructions, having a teacher guide us, or learning from those
who have gone before us, are all just essential ways for us to be able
to move forward in anything we want to do and not get bogged down in the
ego trap of \"I\'m too proud (or stubborn) to ask for assistance
or directions.\"

Learning takes place only in relation to your interaction with other people on
all levels of existence. No one is free until all people are free. We are all