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Your Health and the New World Order
Your Health and the New World Order
by Peter Farley

Dear friends,
As we have just entered the last 11-year phase of the Mayan Calendar during the past week, many people are reporting to me stomach flus and various maladies stemming from many different sources.. I am also seeing lots and lots of people with swollen lymph glands as they fight off the bacteriological pollution in our water..

If you have not done so I urge you to read the warning on my website about drinking untreated or unknown source water.

However, one of the biggest things I am seeing and hearing is the lack of life energy in people. It is the New World Order?s plan to control all the world?s energy sources, not just money, which is just another form of energy, but as shown in the movie The Matrix , every ounce of human energy as well. To this end they are having us go deeper and deeper into debt so that even our creative energies are owed to their institutions.

The country is bankrupt. The people are bankrupt. And the planetary environment is just about bankrupt.

Yes, they have succeeded so far in their mission, in winning this battle, but they will not win the war. That is a given But this next 11 years will be very, very difficult and every ounce of reserve energy will be needed to survive if one is going to stay on the planet and do the work they came here to do.

Towards that end, I just wish to share with you once again a good product which has helped many people regain some enthusiasm for life and be able to keep going. Its history is explained in my book, where it is the shem-an-a or monatomic gold or ormus of the alchemists. It is Liquid Light to replace that Light in our Light Bodies which is being stolen or drained off through various sources.

The product is the Liquid Chi
Although it is not perfected to the level of ancient times yet?this product has helped many I work with. If anyone wants to pursue further the perfection of it, I have also been given directions by my guidance on how to improve the product which can also be made at home.. I have included Barry?s e-mail since he sells the equipment for making this stuff at home cheaply., as well as further research on it.

From: Barry Carter
Subject: ORMUS Links (Test)
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Two other gifts at this time to help you deal with the changing patterns of healing and vibration are the Crop Circle Essences very appropriate with the current release of the (I suspect) fear-based formula of the movie Signs, about crop circles.

I would be happy to share individually with anyone which one is right for them at this time should you not be able to get the guidance from your own inner.
The second is lomatium, really the only natural anti-viral herb, It usually comes in a tincture, but is also available in caps. It works with the stomach flu thing, alone or as a blend with other herbal products. For severe viral infections such as the spinal meningitis etc going around, it is available in concentrated form in small vials by special order.

As for the chemtrails, as well as much of what the NWO throws at us, remember, they have most effect on those in a victim state of consciousness..

The solution, know how much you are loved. Know you are just here to do a job. Know that the worst thing that can happen is you get out of here a little earlier, but at least you stood up to bat.
As always, Best wishes, Peter