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Your Last Choice
It is the time for choices. Yes, you say, it has been the time for choices for
the past 10 years, then why haven't you yet made yours?

A month ago Guidance had me working with those very Souls who helped set up the
grid bomb Gerald and I have just spent the last week diffusing. None of them
took the opportunity offered them to step up to help undo what it is they had
done in the past and were now being given the opportunity to correct.

One of these was Mark Kimmel:
peter6264 wrote:
Sue, I just worked personally on Mark and his wife in Colorado and
have been dealing with them undoing some of their dark past and coming back into
the Light, but their choices were so far otherwise, so until the energy shifts
around their work, their newsletters are not of the right energy for this group.
Thanks, Peter


The funny thing about time is as the Spiritual Heirarchy have said to me since
the beginning --"Time is everything,and time is nothing." It is everything where
we are and nothing where They are. If Gerald and I had not done the work this
past week then time would not have mattered for any of us because most of us
would not have cared. That is the power of the forces aligned against Humanity.

After doing this work I have come to realize at least one or two more things
about life and what is going on: one is that I no longer have energy for those
who will not help themselves let alone help others.Two is that if people want
healing work done they need to come to me, no longer will I go out of my way to
get to them. Third is that we all now have three choices just as we once had
when many of us fought beside Spartacus for our very own freedom. One is to
fight, the only way we know how to fight now-- with all our grand and wonderful
spiritual abilities aquired over so many lifetimes. The second is to die, which
many are now choosing to do and so many more will also quickly decide to do--not
understanding that dying frees no one from their responsibility to life, to
others,and to Creation in and of Itself. The third choice is to choose slavery
or not to make a choice which then is choosing slavery, that which most of us
already are and will be for a long time to come if this war is not quickly and
successfully ended.

Will's channeling of Aristenna this morning only serves to reiterate for all of
us the fact that these are the only three choices we have, and now is our last
chance to choose:

Dear One,
The most important thing for you to know now is that your connection
to us is real. You do not understand how this is so, nevertheless
you must have faith. As we have said before, anyone could channel if
they would drop the programming and misinformation that has been
spread in your culture for a long time. Some are unwilling to do
this, yet they long for the truth. Just a few layers under all the
misinformation is the truth and with a bit of open-mindedness is
available to all. It is a choice to start digging for this truth and
all preconceptions must be open to question in order to see what is
right in front of you, but invisible to 3D comprehension with the
blinders put on you through the ages.

If you truly understood the enormity of the choice you make to go
forward in your quest for freedom you would always make the right
choice because the alternative is too horrible to contemplate. In
your ignorance, however, you only get partial glimpses of what you
are doing and how going about business as usual is feeding into the
plan of those who would be your masters. Daily life as usual seems
more secure than a radical step in another direction with no
certainty as to where that will lead, but we assure you that when
you are following your guidance that is the only 'safe' road.

The only option to imprisonment, slavery and death is to choose,
freedom, love and life. The way to achieve that is to take off the
blinders put on you by your so-called authorities and take on the
vision of your guidance as you feel it in your heart and know it in
your mind. Clear yourself of all other preconceptions and move on.
Focus on that which is the highest for you and choose that. Fight
the distractions that take you away from the highest path. The time
to be a single-minded server is here. Choose wisely.

With great love,

Peace, Love and Joy to all,


A number of months ago Silvia in Italy was given the prompt to move out of the
circumstances she was in, and now months later she was one of the first I was
asked to contact with the message that for her the time was NOW. The next day I
received this reply:

"It ?s amazing what you write, Peter cause in this precise days I get precise
signals that I have to leave both from my job place and from my home.

One couple of days ago I dreamt of all people around me
killed by a Mafia boss.

Don't know where to go yet.

I'll ask my guide tonight,

thank you


For Silvia it is a matter of her very life to be able to move at this time. For
the rest of us not to choose is a matter of which slave camp we will interned in
as this final battle comes to a head. A number of people I have dealt with
lately have wisely stored away their supplies for what is shortly to come. For
some these supplies will do no good because their spiritual choices do not match
their physical choices. One will not suffice without the other. All there things
will be stripped from them as they are led along the path they have chosen to
think only of themselves and never of any others.

You have been warned. This is the year of serious spiritual battle, and yes you
can choose to listen to the prophets of the New Age who work for the Darkness
itself, or you can listen to your own heart that tells you there is something
very wrong with what is going on --and then act upon that knowingness, not for
yourself, for everything you are here to do is to help others, and therein you
will find your own salvation.

You are always dearly and grandly loved no matter what choice you make or not
make, but there will be for you no more time to choose.

The Spiritual Hierachy through Peter.